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Favorite Books

8 Most Favorite Books Till Now

Do you want to know which are my favorite books? While this certainly makes one question -"Why the hell would I want to know...

Candere.Com – A beautiful site with beautiful jewellery

Since the time I posted the ultimate list of online shopping websites in India, I have been trying to find out more and more...
the curse of surya by dev prasad book cover

The Curse of Surya Book Review – Thrilling, Exciting & Adorable

Do you like to read the mystery stories where each word builds up your excitement and makes it difficult to wait for revelation of...
indian women

3 Things Indian Women Need to Start Doing

I am not trying to be a racist. I am talking about Indian women here because I belong to that set of society. Born...
books by indian authors - manpreet founder of finix post

5 New Books by Indian Authors That I Got

Do you like to read books? Do you like to read books by Indian authors? They help you relish the 'desi' culture and you can...
5 Tips For When You Visit A Dentist || www.finixpost.com

5 Tips For When You Visit A Dentist

Are you going to visit a dentist? Are you the kind of person who doesn't visit a dentist that often? And now you're totally...
booktube channel

Am I Starting A BookTube Channel?

Finally, I am getting out of the blogging slump I have been witnessing since last month. What is helping me get out - Booktube...
rochelle potkar

Interview With Rochelle Potkar – Author of Arithmetic of Breasts & Other Stories

After reading the book - Arithmetic of Breasts & Other Stories by Rochelle Potkar, I was very keen to ask some questions from the author...
gym - diet and fitness tips

9 Simple Diet & Fitness Tips

Are you finally getting worried about your ever increasing weight? Does your lifestyle not only makes you look unhealthy but has also started to...
make yourself healthier by reading books

Why getting books for free is not good?

While a lot of my friends who are looking for good book deals feel “wow” for I get books for free from some authors,...