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choose the best engineering college

5 Tips To Choose The Best Engineering College

Engineering is an age old career choice in India and shares equal space with the profession of Doctor. It has become a 'Golden Career...
new authors

4 Not So Sweet Things I Want To Say To New Authors

Do you love reading books? And what about the authors? What do you think of them? What kind of picture you make up in...
rado pick

Go Distinct or Go Modern! What’s Your Rado Pick?

I have always fancied watches. And that would be well known by my school besties who always got a watch on their birthday. Of...
pick a skirt

Embrace Your Curves: There’s A Skirt for Every Size

Skirts look so hot. They are the trendiest attire of the season but not every woman dares to go for them. Some of them...

5 Things Facebook Won’t tell You

Since 2013, I have been enjoying working on a Facebook page of a fashion brand. When I started off, I had no idea about...
the house that bj built

The House That BJ Built by Anuja Chauhan Review

I know I haven't updated the blog for a while, but that's because I was busy reading some exquisite books. That's the thing with...
Bookshelf Tour 2015

Bookshelf Tour 2015

I love books. And more than that I love gazing at the books lying on my bookshelf. That works as a stress relief therapy...
fifty shades

Why I Hate People Who Don’t Like Fifty Shades Trilogy?

Hate is a very strong word, but I have to use it for the people who consider themselves as readers and also go on...
social media marketing tools

5 Social Media Marketing Tools I love

Social Media Marketing is something I do out of passion and need. I love marketing and of course, I need a source to earn...
dogs - dog owner

5 Things A Good Dog Owner Must Know

I am proud dog owner of two furballs who are incredibly adorable. But calling myself with that name doesn't do the job. To be...