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5 Ways To Make Your Life Simpler

Isn't life too complicated? Some things keep bothering you all the time and make you look for how you can make your life simpler....
clueless after btech

Feeling Clueless After BTech? Here is what you need to know

If you look at engineering graduates around you, you would feel like every other person is doing or planning to do engineering. Of course,...
mrs funnybones by twinkle khanna

Mrs Funnybones by Twinkle Khanna Book Review

Aren't you amazed by your interest in the lives of the celebrities? No matter how much we deny this, we do feel the urge...
true believer by nicholas sparks

True Believer by Nicholas Sparks Book Review

Do you read love stories? Two people, sharing a magical bond, just lay out their lives in front of you and make you go...
diwali decoration ideas

5 Quick Diwali Decoration Ideas for Lazy People

Do you want some last minute Diwali decoration ideas that can help you make your home look beautiful in the budget? Of course, you...
Do you have the right health insurance cover?

Do you have the right health insurance cover?

Manpreet, where is this coming from? Since when you started talking about health insurance? Since when you got into this financial fiasco? Earning money isn't...
weight loss myths

5 Weight Loss Myths Every Indian Aunty Believes In

While you think of ordering another pizza, you must hear my story. It is about a girl who ate nearly 40 pizzas in four...