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tips to win mutual love and respect

5 Tips To Win Mutual Love And Respect

Isn’t it painful to see the person you love, be completely oblivious to your feelings? Not every person will resonate the kind of feelings...
library at manipal university

Bi-Monthly Wrap Up of December And January

I read a lot of books. I talk about books. I blog about books. And I also make videos about books. This post is...
problems faced by bloggers

5 Problems Faced Only By Bloggers

What do you think of a working model where you can sit at home, write random stuff and make big bucks? Awesome. No? Does...
logically stupid thats love

What I Feel After Reading Logically Stupid, That’s Love?

There’s a magic involved when you touch an excellent book. You feel the instant attraction. Sudden desire bubbles inside you. You want to hold...
indian blogger at manipal university

Everything I Discovered Through My Visit To Manipal

Have you always dreamed of working from home? Isn’t it a great idea to be able to work from wherever you want, whenever you...
What I learned from year 2015?

What I learned from year 2015?

I love doing reviews. Not because I think my opinion is important but because I think they’re a brilliant way to record your viewpoint...
5 Things you must look for in a management college in India

5 Things you must look for in a management college

I wasn’t exactly an ideal student in college, but I did get my degree at 84% average, and my teachers loved me (while all...