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subscription boxes

Top Subscription Boxes in India

Subscription boxes are a new kind of service that booming in the country. You subscribe to a monthly service that's mostly based on a...
zoomcar review

RoadTripping With Zoomcar

Delhi to Chandigarh highway is a foodie's paradise. There are so many dhabas to try and road tripping from Delhi to Chandigarh just makes...
Secrets, sins And Struggles

Book Review: Secrets Sins And Struggles By Kamini Kusum

Today I am going to review Secretes sins and struggles by Kamini Kusum. It’s a collection of short stories, and 2016 has been treating...
All signs lead back to you

Book Review: All Signs Lead Back to You

What comes to your mind when you hear this title “All signs lead back to you”? According to me it means no matter where...
brighten up your winter wardrobe

11 Ways To Brighten Up Your Winter Wardrobe

Raise your hands if winter means wearing black for you. Black is the color of winter, and almost all of us have our winter...
how i braved anu aunty and cofounded a million dollar company1

My Top Favorite Non-Fiction Books

Hello, I am Manpreet, and I make book-related videos on my Youtube channel. If you like books, then make sure you subscribe and follow...
buy affordable fashion online

How To Find Affordable Fashion Online?

Do you want to buy affordable fashion online so that you can build your real fashion wardrobe? All the fashion bloggers and youtube gurus...
skin care in winter

7 Best Tips For Skin Care In Winter

While you might want to think that as the summers are gone, you are now safe from the scorching heat and radiation but it's...
excellent uses of aloe vera gel

5 Amazing Uses Of Aloe Vera Gel You Must Try

Have you people ever wondered why aloe vera is called a miracle plant?  Why is it getting so much attention these days? Aloe Vera is...
youtube india

5 Things I Discovered About Youtubing In India

After I am pretty much satisfied with what I am doing with blogging as my full-time career, I am truly fascinated with Youtube. I...