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realising your self worth

What Really Happens When You Realise Your Self Worth?

Exactly a month ago, I would be ready to beg to make a sale. By beg, I mean offer more discounts than I already...
indian books set in mumbai

Top 5 Indian Books Set In Mumbai

Who doesn't want to read stories set in the city of dreams - Mumbai. Apart from the people who are already living there, most...
On reviewing books and booktube | Just Me - Manpreet Kaur

Top 8 Indian Book Series

Have you been looking for Indian book series that you could enjoy over the weekend? It is hard to imagine that even when hundreds...
Saying no

4 Things That Will Happen When You Start Saying NO

School education spoiled us. All those lessons on how you should always keep yourselves open to new opportunities and say ‘yes’ often is crap....
welly merck

My Not So Secret Affair With Welly Merck

Do you believe in love at first sight? I don't but what any of us believe doesn't matter. The truth is it happens. There...
New Year

New Year: Is it really relevant?

I spent the first hour of my New Year explaining to a friend why partying on the New Year’s Eve isn’t my cup of...