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Top 5 Types Of Blog Posts That Get Great Traffic

Top 5 Types Of Blog Posts That Get Great Traffic

Are you looking for popular types of blog posts that can give you best traffic? Let me think! You have already read those long posts...
How I Earn Money By Working From Home? | Finix Post

How I Earn Money By Working From Home?

It is insanely difficult to explain to people what I do for a living. They ask. And every time, they ask me a question...
tips for engineers

Top 4 Tips For Engineers In India

I am an engineer. And when I was doing engineering, I started logging my ideas and thoughts about the course and life afterward on...
How To Fulfill Your #OneWeddingWish?

How To Fulfill Your #OneWeddingWish?

What's your #OneWeddingWish? I know, I know, there's never one! There are plenty. You want that awesome designer lehenga. You want an amazing wedding trousseau....
The Linchpin by Neeraj Ashok Book Review | Finix Post

Political Fiction Book Review – The Linchpin By Neeraj Ashok

Are you into politics? There’s something sick yet interesting about the field. There’s also the hope for everything to become better. All of it...
Once Upon a Genie Book Review

Once Upon A Genie Book Review

Imagine you drop something on the floor and a genie comes out of it! Just like that, you have a chance to get your...

Top 5 Things To Do Before Going To A B-School

Are you planning to go to a B-school? It’s a dream of many and it’s awesome that you are closer to your dream. If...
First Book by Kiruba Shankar

5 Things I Loved About First Book By Kiruba Shankar

Are you ready with your First Book? Writing your first story is the most difficult. It does get easier when you keep writing (or...
Corsana Book Review

Fantasy Book Review: Corsana by Charles Wellington II

Corsana is a book that you would want to tell your friends about. Honestly, all the while I was reading this book, I thought of...
How to pursue your passion after BTech? | Finix Post

How To Pursue Your Passion After BTech?

Do you want to pursue your passion after BTech? Maybe when you got into the course, you didn’t know what you liked or you...