4 Ways to Earn Money Through Your Blog that Won’t Work

Are you looking to earn money through your blog? Internet is considered as one of the best ways to make money. It’s easy and don’t require much effort. There are plenty of ways through which you can easily make thousands of dollars each month. All you need is an internet connection and a small amount of time. Many people are earning more than their 9-5 job income by just using internet. And this is too easy and can be done by anyone, even you.

Earn Money Through Your Blog

Whatever I said, is that true? No. Whatever you read in the above paragraph is a lie, at least 90% of it. But hey, all of these lines always work for you. You do believe that the people who claim that they can help you earn a big amount of money are actually saying the truth. Don’t you?

I agree, people do manage to make a large lot of money but there are a few hidden things which aren’t reveled to you while offering you a particular scheme for earning money on the internet. If you have recently started a blog or a website and you’re looking for monetization options, read the ones which aren’t going to work before reading the ones which would work.

1. Freebies : If you own a blog, you are presented with lots of options to choose your earning method. One of such methods I came across was freebies. You would be given free products for reviewing. All you need to do is use the product and write a review.

You get the product for FREE. This might work but rarely in India. Moreover, if you have just started your blog, this is certainly not going to work.

2. Affiliate Marketing: Through Affiliate Marketing, you would need to sell the product of the company for which you work as an affiliate. You would need to place the ads on your blog/website and wait for your users to click on the ads and actually buy the product.

How many times did you do that in your real life? How many ads did you even click on a website since the time you started using internet? How many times did you actually buy the product you saw in the ad?

You know the answer! If you have recently started your blog/website, the chances of earning money through affiliate marketing are almost null. Only an expert affiliate is good enough to earn money. As a fresher, forget it!

3. Google Adsense: This is the best and fool proof way to earn money through your blog/website. Thousands of people talk about how awesome it is but no one would tell you the real truths about it.

If you reside in India, there is no chance that your blog would be approved for google adsense before 6 months. Even if you get approved, you need a large amount of traffic to earn significant amount of money. One wrong click and your account would be banned. How easy it is! Isn’t it?

4. Sell your Own Product: I seriously get amazed by the dumbness of people who suggest such a thing to a fresh blogger. The guy has recently started blogging and how can you even expect him to sell something like an ebook written by him?

If you have recently started blogging and you did manage to come up with something which you could sell on your blog/website, do you think people would trust you so much to give you money for a product which is recently launched?

The only way to earn money through blogging is to become a consistent and dedicated blogger first. Make an identity in the blogsphere first and then think to earn money through your blog.

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