5 Reasons Why You Should Stop Reading Blogs About Blogging

Do you want to be a blogger? Are you reading a lot of blogs about blogging? Of course, that seems to be an awesome strategy. There are millions of blogs based on blogging niche which claim to make you the next big name in the blogging industry. They cover everything about blogging – content writing, social media,SEO and so on. They have all the tools available for you – from perfect hosting deals to right theme for your blog. They are the best resource you can find over the internet if you want to learn blogging. Wrong!

As I always say, people learn from mistakes. When I thought of getting into blogging seriously, I subscribed to hundreds of popular blogs about blogging and read every single piece of advice they had on their blog. I literally considered them the expert gurus and followed their advice. I have been doing that since over a year (partly) but then luckily, I stumbled across Bloglovin and started following some good blogs related to anything but blogging.

That was when I realized what a folly I had done. I spent more than one year following blogs and people who can teach me nothing about what I want to do. I have four main blogs now –  this a multi niche blog, A food blog, A fashion blog and a personal blog. I have had a good amount of experience in each of them and that’s why I can say that following blogs about blogging was one of the biggest mistakes I ever made. Why?

reading blogs about blogging

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  1. Passion means nothing to them: though there are some bloggers who would talk of passion but trust me! This hardly means anything to them. Most of them have been talking of blogging since they joined the blogosphere and they call it their passion. Now, you tell me, why anyone would want to start their first blog as a “blogging expert” who would give blogging advice, theme suggestions and so on. If your mind still didn’t resonate with the answer, it is money. Their passion was making money and making money can never be anyone’s passion. Yes, you might want to earn lots of money to let your passion grow but the other way never works. And the people who know nothing about passion, can never teach you how to blog like a pro. Never!
  2. They have expertise only in blogging niche: Now, people do learn with practice. When many of these started off while calling themselves “blogging experts”, they were actually amateurs. But over a period of time, they dedicated themselves to build an expertise and many of them got successful in that. But how can a blogger who has talked of nothing but blogging teach you about the importance of fashion photography for your fashion blog? Is it possible? Think of a blog in any niche except blogging. These “blogging experts” can never teach you anything about that. Can they?
  3. They think multi-niche blogging is stupid: We all know about this common thing bloggers ask you not to do. There is no trick they have figured out until now to boost a multi-niche blog and that gives rise to the common notion – multi-niche blogging is a big NO NO. Let me tell you, if you get out of the world of “blogging experts”, you would find millions of multi-niche blogs that are successful. In fact, these so called experts can’t even define what exactly a multi-niche blog is. Even their blogs talk of marketing, SEO, social media, content writing. But that would be a niche blog. But if MY blog talks of everything under lifestyle, it is a multi-niche. Why? Because I am not following the crowd and I’m not talking of blogging niche all the time?
  4. Most of them misguide you: So, there is this blogger friend on Facebook who keeps on sharing his monthly adsense earnings all the time (which is always above $1000). First thing, it is not allowed as per adsense policy. Second, one day I got really frustrated over this because each time he shared his earnings, I would go into an inferiority complex. So, I got myself to work and tried to figure out if he was really earning that much. Turns out, because of a minor link he left exposed in the picture he shared, I could figure out it wasn’t really his adsense accounts’s snapshot. Got the point? Till now, I have only seen the “blogging experts” claiming their monthly earnings. Successful bloggers don’t really do that. Most of them don’t even blog about blogging (not all the time).
  5. No one is better than you: This is actually my final piece of advice for anyone who is reading this. There is no better person than you. There is no marketing book that can teach you more about marketing than you. There is no person who can teach you blogging more than you. You need to follow your passion and follow what your heart says. Of course, a bit of advice is necessary but be careful about where you get this from. Instead of following the great “blogging experts”, follow the blogs of people who are actually blogging about what you want to blog about. So, if you want to create a photography blog, follow some photography blogs. If you want to create a personal blog, follow some personal blogs and so on. Get your advice from there. Those people are less likely to try and misguide you. Those people are the actual experienced ones. Those are the experts.

Remember, everything that glitters is not gold. Everyone who says he is an expert is not really an expert. It would obviously be difficult to get in contact of a real expert and ask him to help you but that effort would really pay off. Whenever a business starts working, there are a lot of frauds who get a chance to make it big as well. But a real business man is the one who can clearly see which are the frauds and which are the real successful businesses.

And I hope I have given you the fair warning and now, before trusting all “popular and successful” bloggers, you would try to figure out if they are really what they call themselves to be.  Let me know what you think?

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