5 Social Bookmarking Sites That Every Blogger Must Use

If you’re a blogger, especially a newbie blogger, you must understand the importance of Social Bookmarking sites. Blog promotion is one of the essential steps to successful blogging. It not only gives you enough readership, but you also get tonnes of motivation and inspiration to write more.

Talking about blog promotion, you would already be aware of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. But are you still not satisfied with the amount of traffic you get from these places? Do you crave for more traffic? Do you want a magic formula to get a large amount of traffic instantly? If yes, then get yourself acquainted to Social Bookmarking Sites right now.

In today’s post, I am going to share 5 Social Bookmarking Sites That Every Blogger Must Use.
Social Bookmarking Sites

1.StumbleUpon: It’s a discovery engine that finds and recommends web content to the users. You can share your blog posts’ links, photos, videos, etc. on this site. But make sure you share good quality content for the visitors have a choice either to like or dislike your page. You can consider a dislike as a shortcut to bury your page i.e. your page/link’s visibility would decrease if people dislike your page. But if people start liking your page, you can get hundreds of visitors on your blog instantly. Make sure you share the link of each of your blog post on this site and stay active on this site.

2016 update: I have been using StumbleUpon for almost all my blogs since two years regularly. I have got nearly a million visits (overall) to my blogs just through this site. I believe the key to success on StumbleUpon is to become a real user of the site. Stumble things you like, use the site regularly and then once in a while, share your site’s link. That works!

2. Digg: This is one of the very popular Social Bookmarking sites that people have been using for years. Although the popularity and impact of this site has decreased, yet this one remains a very preferred option for the bloggers to share their content. In case, your post manages to become a top post on Digg, you would get tonnes of traffic from this very site for a long time. Sharing content on Digg is much simpler than StumbleUpon according to me. You cannot afford to miss this one.

3. Delicious: this is the third one in the most popular and easy to use Social Bookmarking sites. I’ve been using this myself, and it does bring you a good amount of traffic on your blog.

4. Reddit: Reddit is one of the most popular and most trusted Social Bookmarking sites. Why? Because like other websites, it doesn’t allow you to share anything or everything you want. You need to be specific about what you want to share, you need to take care of the category you use, you need to choose appropriate titles and subcategories, and you can submit just one link per day. If you want quality traffic, this is even better than Facebook.

5. Pinterest: This is becoming very popular these days for it provides a different way for the people over the internet to share cool stuff. More and more people are joining this site, and soon it would be one of the most preferred places to hang out over the internet.

2016 update: Pinterest is a must to use if you have got a fashion or food related website. I am using Pinterest for a fashion brand blog I handle and it is second after Facebook in terms of sending referral traffic to the site. All that was possible, just by pinning good pictures regularly. 

If you search over the internet about which Social Bookmarking sites one should use as a blogger, you will get a list of 100s of sites, but all of us know that it is practically impossible to manage so many accounts on the Social Bookmarking sites. That’s why I’ve shared my list which consists of just five easy to use, modern and effective Social Bookmarking sites.

I hope you find it useful and it would help you to grow your blog. In case, you believe that I made a mistake by not including your favorite Social Bookmarking sites, do share it with me in the comments. Also, do tell me which one works the best for you.

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