6 Easy Things You Can Do To Be More Stylish

Style is not about trying to impress others; it is about making you feel good. It is about treating yourself like a prince/princess. You need to be more stylish for yourself and that is why I have this post for you where I am going to list 6 things that you can do to be more stylish.

I know, you’ll be like, “LOL. Is she going to teach me about style now?” Yes, I understand that I am not an established fashion blogger to whom people look up to for style inspiration but you know what, I am thinking of becoming one 😉 Present day fashion bloggers have become so “big” that wearing something less than Victoria Secrets or Chanel is considered bad. We need to change it.

Anyways, so here is what I am doing to make myself more stylish and you can do it too.

  1. Pick the right clothes: Most important and underrated thing when it comes to being more stylish is picking up the right clothes. Wear what you’re comfortable in. You don’t need big labels to look fashionable. dresses-be more stylish
  2. Be creative: Never keep it simple. Try something new every time you wear a dress. Mix and match. Show your creative skills in how you dress up.
  3. Pamper your body: here’s how you can look good naturally. If you are in good shape and take care of your body well, you would automatically look more stylish. Pay attention to your nails and lip color. They make a lot of difference. painting-fingernails-to be more stylish
  4. Accessorize: A simple white tee accessorized with a statement necklace looks so good. Try to make such kinds of combination. Accessories have the power to make you look dressy even in a t-shirt. Seriously!

    tshirt with necklace

    Source: nesnyc.com

  5. Create a style inspiration board on Pinterest: I read this tip from a fashion blog and truthfully speaking, I didn’t believe it then. How keeping a board would help me get more stylish? Usual fashion bloggers either wear too costly dresses or I just cannot find the same piece in India. But it works. I have a (secret) board named ‘style inspiration’ on my Pinterest profile where I pin all the makeup tips, fashion tips etc. You should make one like that too. But make sure you check out the board regularly to stay inspired all the time.
  6. Follow Fashion bloggers: Sometimes it does seem impractical to follow people whose life seems so unrealistic, but hey! You’re just following them for inspiration. You don’t need to copy their lifestyle. So, do it! Check out their reviews and use them for inspiration to create your own style or fashion trend.

So, I am done with my tips on how to be more stylish. Tell me if you have any more tip or if you have some questions regarding the same. Hope this helps!

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