11 Benefits of Blogging you Must Know

benefits of blogging

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Blogging. Blogging. Blogging. This is what I talk about all the time. But did you ever think that why am I so crazy about blogging? Why did I even start with blogging at first place? Why do I spend most of my time working on my blog? Why I cannot think about anything else but blogging?

Yes, blogging is like an obsession to me. But do you know why it is? Do you know why bloggers love their profession? Here are the benefits of blogging which would force you to give a serious thought about opting for this profession.

  1. Personal Brand: Whether you blog about technology, fashion or movies, the first thing that happens to you is personal branding. This might be an unusual word for you but the people who are in corporate profession know how important this is. Building your personal brand is important not only to the big entrepreneurs or business tycoons but also to normal people like us. Once you have a good personal branding, no task or project is going to be difficult to tap.
  2. Networking: After I stepped into blogging, I made more than 100 new contacts in just six months and the best part – all of those contacts were quality contacts. I got to interact with the experts as well as beginners of the industry and since then, the kind of opportunities I have been getting my hands on have been numerous.
  3. Personal Development: Do you know why employ-ability of people with good degrees is less in India? Because in this country, people don’t really bother themselves to focus on their personal development. Scores in regular exams matter more than knowledge. People just don’t work on their employ-ability. They just don’t work on themselves, more because they never get to realize what they need to work on and how they need to work on it. But once you start blogging, you would be able to pin point each of your negative point and improve it.
  4. Discover your passion: Welcome to the club! Most of us are still trying to figure out what our passion actually is. We are just figuring out about what we dream of. I have been a part of this passionless crew. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life until I started blogging. And now, what I want to do with my life is not blogging. So, did you get it? It isn’t necessary that if you become a blogger, your passion would be blogging. It hasn’t been so in my case. Blogging is just a tool to help you discover your passion.
  5. Money: Bazzinga! You can earn money from blogging, a lot of money. It isn’t that easy but it is certainly a better way to make money than to work on a 9 to 5 boring eventless job.Earn Money Through Your Blog
  6. Fame and recognition: Don’t you know who I am? Had I not been a blogger, you won’t even know my name. Right? This is the impact. You get new contacts and people recognize you in your field.
  7. Confidence: The confidence you see in me now, it wasn’t there before. I couldn’t write so well, I couldn’t speak so well and I could definitely not express myself so well but since the time I have started blogging, I have been improving. You can too. Blogging is an awesome way to achieve self confidence.
  8. Self control: I cannot tell you how frustrated I used to get when people just read my articles and don’t even bother to leave a comment. It felt like I was talking to the wall. Then there were people who  would leave stupid comments which were even more irritating. And I had never been able to deal with any person who sounded irritating to me. But now I do. Every single day I check the spam comments folder and try to reply to comments as nicely as possible. If you ask me one thing that I am proud of having achieved because of blogging, that is some amount of self control.


    Source: https://openlab.citytech.cuny.edu

  9. Be different: Who doesn’t want to be different? Those little moments of fame are priceless. And blogging gives you that. Yes, it does.
  10. Time Management: Do you think it is all about writing articles? It includes doing keyword research, coming up with ideas, posting, marketing, networking and so on. And doing all of this requires time and managing to do this stuff while pursuing a degree isn’t easy. But if you try to do it, you would learn time management for there is no better way to learn this skill but through experience and application.
  11. Enhance your knowledge: You cannot even imagine what an enormous resource of knowledge you would become once you become a blogger. Try it!

Blogging isn’t easy but if you do it, you are definitely going to have an easy life. Remember, these are just few benefits of blogging that I could talk of, there are many more. And I leave the task of listing them here to you. Do it!

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