Blogging Break

Blogging Break – this isn’t a small word for the people in blogosphere. All the bloggers know how serious it is and I know what a tough decision it is.

You have worked day and night for months to post good content on your blog (at least according to your own self). You have spent too many efforts on bringing traffic to your blog – social media, SEO, blog communities, commenting etc.

And then when everything was going so well, when you had a continuous stream of traffic to your blog and also when you could see your audience appreciating you and asking for more, you decide to go on a blogging break.

The decision itself brings trench warfare within you. Just imagine how you would feel if someone asked you to leave your baby of almost 6 months with no one to care for it. How would you feel? Would you be able to do it? Leave it without anyone to take care of?

A blogger goes through the same kind of feelings while thinking about a blogging break that a parent would go through when asked to leave his baby for some time. It’s not easy.

Then there are some practical concerns that a blogger goes through. What about the traffic? What about the rankings? What about the readers?

I remember saying that in one of my youtube videos that once you become inconsistent on your blog, your blog dies at that very point. But does that mean a blogging break isn’t a thing to go for?

Well, I haven’t tried it yet. I don’t know what it would result in but yes, I am ready for the experiment.  I am going for a blogging break of 40 days. That’s what I have planned and I don’t know whether I would stick to it or not. Maybe I will come back before 40 days but yes, I will definitely be back within 40 days.

Why a blogging break is necessary?

This decision of mine wasn’t taken in a hurry. I thought about it and I did my usual thing ‘research’ about it and then found out why it is necessary.

You need a break to refresh your creativity. When you realize there’s something wrong with your blog’s atmosphere, you know it’s time for break. You need to refresh yourself and come back with a greater impact.

Sometimes, the reason might be that you need time for other things – family, relationships etc. In my case, it’s the worst thing that has ever happened to me in my life – ‘engineering’.

But whatever it is, you know you need to go on a break when you start becoming inconsistent and a blogging break is better than being inconsistent or writing stale content. At least your readers know!

Things to do while on a blogging break

We, bloggers, belong to those set of people who don’t understand things easily. Even when we know we are on a break, we would still stick to our blog. Won’t we?

I would too and that’s why I want you to know what I will be doing during this time. These 40 days would have a roundup of all my posts on the official Facebook page, Google + and Twitter profile of Finix Post. I will be discussing about the posts and also I will be collecting new topics for my to-do list.

Till the time I am away from posting new content, I handover of the responsibility to the fellow bloggers to take care of my blog. If you can spare a little more time from your extra busy schedule and write for Finix Post, I would feel overwhelmed. And hey, don’t worry if you don’t have time. I know you are still there for my support.

So that’s all, I am officially signing off from Finix Post and would be back after 40 days with the first post telling my experience about the blogging break.

 Remember that you are not a machine. You have to give yourself break once in a while and when you’re doing something as exhausting as blogging, you do need a holiday.



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