The Importance of Decluttering in Fighting Stress

black and white picture of ManpreetOh god! Did you know how I looked half an hour back? Tensed and frustrated. Why? What do you think is the biggest reason behind stress? Family issues, health issues, career issues or what? What makes you feel like you’re drowning in the waves of depression? What makes you feel like you are too suffocated to breathe?

After a tiresome day, I came back home and as soon as I switched on the lights, I found a big mess of clothes and blankets on my bed. It felt like all the stuff was basking in the sun and had been waiting for me to step in. And with that came a big headache. But I concluded that headache was because I had been driving a scooty in the chilly weather.

After a few moments, my mom called and then started the endless whining of how a friend of mine got a bigger salary package than me. While I am over whining for the campus placements stuff, there is stuff that still bothers me and this event happened to be one of them. I felt bad. But I concluded that the sorrowful feeling was out of jealousy and envy; for my friend managed to get a better salary package than me.

Within a few seconds of cutting the call, I pounced on the mess I had on my bed and closed my eyes. It felt like someone was pricking needles inside my head but that wasn’t all. A feeling of remorse set in. I felt like all I have been doing is wrong. Working for other people, while dreaming of making a living out of my own blog, wasn’t taking me anywhere. I felt stuck. But I concluded it was because of my inability to say No to a number of people and dare to work on my dreams.

But do you think my conclusions had been right? I don’t believe that for after a few minutes of sobbing and deep depression state, I stood up and did what makes me feel good. I started to clear up the mess. As I cleaned my bed, it felt I was cleaning my head.

And by the time, I had a clear bed with no clutter and everything on its place, I was out of that depressed state of mind (for a long while). Can you imagine? There are people who are making their entire living by helping people to cope with depression and stress – doctors and psychologists. And here I am so capable to treat myself by just cleaning up my bed.

But that’s how it is. Decluttering your house is in fact a very useful and effective practice to clear up your mind. We often ignore the minute details in our life that helps us make the difference. We consider cleaning as chore but this seemingly useless chore is a great medicine for us to make ourselves cheerful and even get rid of stress.

What do you think?

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