Most of the Music Lovers Don’t Know About E.D.M

E.D.M. This term is all around us.

What is this? I can bet you never asked that (assuming you do not live under a rock) but I am also writing this for people who still turn a blind eye to many things in this world (not saying that they live under a rock).

Daft Punk, Deadmua5, David Guetta, Hardwell…if any of these names do not ring a bell yet, read on. If you recognise all these names, you sure do need to read this as this was your experience in discovering this amazing movement.

Electronic Dance Music (E.D.M), that’s what this is. A phenomenon that has been taking over the world by storm. This is what people colloquially say “Ah, so you listen to a lot of trance.” Yeah, the trance you are referring to here is much precisely known as E.D.M

I am no expert on how it originated or who where the first artists of this big scale movement. But I remember watching David Guetta’s (listen to one love, Sexy Bitch, Memories) movie, nothing but the Beat. In the movie, I vaguely remember, he says that disco or this movement started when people started to burn down records. Then some people came forward to save these sounds, recorded them and played it on loop. And that is where this movement began, somewhere in Europe which is still considered as the hub of E.D.M.

This is what I know of what E.D.M is and how it originated. Now, the lingering question in one’s mind is, how do I recognise this kind of music? Anything that doesn’t sound like Rock n Roll or Jazz is E.D.M. I am just kidding. I personally like to see it as any sound that is digitally produced i.e. using a laptop or synthesiser or any other means. You recognise these tracks because of their different approach to music. A very sober ‘dhunchuk dhunchuk’ start and then a bit of melody and then such an energetic drop(when all the sounds or particular sounds play together to create intense energy) which gives you so much energy that you finally decide to dance.

Think of it this way. You are a world renowned DJ (almost every 16 year olds dream now) and you are also a producer. You tour the world playing shows for millions of your fans and while in flight between these locations where you play, you sit and make music for your fans. That is what this is. This is the life of an E.D.M artist.


DJ Sharaz playing on turntables

Now that you know what E.D.M is, let’s move on to the next important part. Where do I start? This is a very valid question because everywhere you go or whatever movie you watch has some or the other genre linked to E.D.M in it. Let me start simple. Watch the Great Gatsby and listen to the background scores on all the party scenes carefully. There you go.  E.D.M.  Or just go to your friend you don’t talk too much about music, the friend who plays weird songs to on his iPod and take his collection and listen to it. Or just listen to the below mentioned tracks.


David Guetta-One Love

Hardwell-Never Say Goodbye

Skrillex-Breakin A Sweat

The last track is dubstep, something which will take time to get used to or sometimes not. These are some of the recent tracks that have been making waves around the world in past couple of years or more.

Now that you have heard E.D.M (mind you, it’s just the beginning) How do you appreciate it? This is one thing you have to do even if you didn’t like what you heard. Go out to a Dance Music concert. Look up on or Facebook and you will know which artists are playing in which part of the world and when. Why am I emphasising so much to go to a Dance Music concert? It is an experience, just like in a rock concert. But there is something which dance music has that I haven’t experienced in any other genres. The feeling of oneness. The feeling you belong. The wait for everyone around you to just start jumping when the drop comes. Yes, you have to experience it. Experience the energy.

Go to Sunburn Festival, Goa happening in December, Supersonic Festival happening in Goa too. Or just keep an eye out to know which artist is coming to your city or city nearest to you. Experience it for you will never forget or regret it.


Electric Zoo Festival 2011

I think I should stop at this point. I hope I have explained what E.D.M is, what it sounds like and what to do once you like it. Let me tell you a bit more as to how I got hooked to this movement. I was watching a music video on YouTube as usual and I listened to a track by Armin Van Buuren(check out his tracks, especially This is What it Feels Like) and I loved it. I listened to more of his tracks and I loved this type of music. I googled a bit and found some other bunch of artists names and I listened to most of their tracks. Then onwards it was an experience for me to listen to new artists and understand their music. I have come a long way from there and am much immersed in this movement. Yet, it keeps surprising me every day.

I am writing this article at midnight when I should probably be asleep. I am writing this as I feel compelled to do so. A few days back the world lost a gem, Paul Baumer of Bingo Players, to cancer. He was an electronic music producer and DJ. I dedicate this article in his memory and hope this article finds way to you and hence his music lives on forever through us.




 A 19 year old, pursuing B.Tech in Mechanical Branch at Symbiosis Institute of Technology, Pune. Loves to read, perform magic, listen to music and of course write.

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